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Since 1962 the University of Auckland's Marine Laboratory at Leigh has been central to the Faculty of Science's marine science research and education programmes. It has developed an international reputation for work in marine conservation and sustainability.

Thanks to generous donations the laboratory has been redeveloped over the last few years to reflect the importance to New Zealand, and the wider South Pacific, of our marine environments. Its research and academic programmes help in both protecting and conserving our oceans while sustainably developing local marine industries, to the benefit of the whole region.

The Leigh Marine Laboratory also plays an important role in educating not just future generations of undergraduate and postgraduate students from New Zealand and overseas, but also the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the Goat Island Marine Reserve each year.

The new Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre (Edith Winstone Blackwell Centre) is the interface between the University and laboratory and the visiting public. The center features a number of display areas and exhibits with the latest in display and interactive technologies and runs an outreach programme for schools in the greater Auckland and Northland areas.

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To support our ongoing work or our students and staff at the Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science, the Leigh Marine Laboratory and the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre, please visit our Giving to Auckland website.

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