Welcome to the Institute of Marine Science

The Institute of Marine Science (IMS) brings together the wide range of expertise and facilities at The University of Auckland to work towards improving our understanding of the marine environment.

Join 233 cities in Climathon

The University of Auckland is hosting Auckland's first ever Climathon over 24 hours on 27 October. Read Associate Professor Mark Costello's blog about climate change.

The salty dawn chorus

PhD student Rosalyn Putland is using hydrophones to document the marine soundscape in the Hauraki Gulf. Find out what she hears.

Finding out what is where

Watch Dr Rochelle Constantine's seminar about the marvellous productivity of the Hauraki Gulf and why her research is so important.

  • Study predicts changes in marine ecosystems
    19 October 2017
    A new study based on the first global survey of marine life by scuba divers has provided fresh insights into how climate change may affect marine ecosystems.
  • Snapper family ties provide new evidence on marine reserves
    18 October 2017
    A higher proportion of young snapper in fishing areas north of Auckland are related to adult snapper from the Goat Island Marine Reserve, confirming what scientists have long suspected: the reserve acts as a giant snapper nursery.
  • Husband and wife graduate same day with same degree
    26 September 2017
    Francesca Casu and husband Davide Zazzaro like to joke they do everything together so it’s no surprise that today they graduate from the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Science with matching doctorates.
  • The Gulf has a salty dawn chorus
    21 September 2017
    PhD student Rosalyn Putland documents daily, lunar, and seasonal cycles of the Gulf using NZ designed hydrophones. She tells the Gulf Journal more about the chorus beneath the waves.