Welcome to the Institute of Marine Science

The Institute of Marine Science (IMS) brings together the wide range of expertise and facilities at The University of Auckland to work towards improving our understanding of the marine environment.

Visit a unique environment

Visit the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre and learn about New Zealand’s unique marine environment and the species which exist in the waters of north-eastern New Zealand.

Orchestra beneath the waves

Find out why Rosalyn Putland from Marine Science analysed more than half a million minutes of sound from six hydrophone listening stations in the Hauraki Gulf.

What sharks' brains can teach us

Listen to Professor John Montgomery talk about what the brains of sharks tell us about our own brains. We have more in common than you might think.

  • Major new investment in University of Auckland Science
    13 September 2017
    A handheld skin cancer diagnostic device and a project to explore how underwater sound can influence beer fermentation are just two of eight University of Auckland Faculty of Science research projects to be awarded funding from this year’s Endeavour Fund.
  • The biological chorus beneath the waves of the Hauraki Gulf
    02 August 2017
    The most comprehensive acoustic study of marine life in the Hauraki Gulf has recorded the whales, dolphins, snapping shrimp and sea urchins that create an ‘orchestra-like’ sound beneath the waves.