Institute of Marine Science

Our research

The Institute of Marine Science is multidisciplinary in its scientific approach, combining a wide range of disciplines,including biology, ecology, physics, statistics, chemistry and mathematics, to work towards improving our understanding of the marine environment.

We are interested in:

  • How marine organisms sense and respond to their environment.
  • The interactions between human activities and natural processes in the marine environment.
  • The development of useful properties of marine organisms for human uses.
  • Gaining a better understanding how natural processes in the marine environment operate.
  • Staff research interests

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  • Publications

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  • Postgraduate research

    Select your postgraduate thesis topic from our diverse range of research projects, and get inspired by the projects other students are currently working on.

  • Research facilities

    The Institute of Marine Science provides purpose-build facilities for students undertaking research at the Leigh Marine Laboratory, and access to some NIWA facilities.

  • Featured research

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