Institute of Marine Science

Two scuba divers swimming in deep water

Our courses

The Institute of Marine Science offers a diverse range of Marine Science courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Institute of Marine Science staff are involved in teaching a number of related courses hosted by other University departments and schools.

  • Undergraduate courses

    The IMS offers two undergraduate courses in Marine Science which can be combined in the BSc with courses in Biological Sciences, Statistics, Geography, Geology and Geophysics.

  • Postgraduate courses

    Postgraduate courses, at the Institute of Marine Science, teach field techniques and research methods, address issues in Marine Science and climate change, and cover a range of specialist topics such as fisheries, geochemistry and sedimentology.

  • General Education

    Students who are interested in the global environment and the challenges faced by human interactions with that environment will find this General Education course insightful and stimulating.