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Scholarships and awards

There are various scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of marine science. In addition to subject-specific scholarships, the University and external organisations offer a wide range of general scholarships for students, some of which are listed below. For more options, especially for undergraduate support, search the scholarships database.

Conservation International Prizes in Marine Science - Pacific Oceanscape

Conservation International's: The Pacific Oceanscape

This project has brought together 23 countries and territories to protect, manage and sustain the Pacific Ocean’s cultural and natural integrity. Comprised of what many consider to be tiny island nations with modest terrestrial areas, these nations have responsibility for 10% of the world’s total ocean surface — an area four times the size of the United States. These are economically important waters, harboring the world’s largest remaining stocks of tuna and providing nearly half of the world’s tuna catch.

CI works hand in hand with communities and governments across the Pacific Oceanscape to conserve the critical habitats in the region, including islands, coasts and the open ocean. And we recognize that everyone, from village leaders to heads of state, governments to corporations, residents and those far away, all have a stake in protecting this critical area.  Conservation International are working with a number of post-graduate students within IMS on a number of projects.

In addition to working with post-graduate students, Conservation International are offering the following undergraduate prizes in marine science

$1,000 will be awarded to the student achieving the highest mark in Marine 202

$1,000 will be awarded to the student achieving the highest mark in Marine 302

$1,500 will be awarded to the student achieving the highest overall marks in courses undertaken for the Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Marine Science.

Scholarships database

In addition to subject-specific scholarships, the University and external organisations offer a wide range of general scholarships for postgraduate students.

Search the scholarships database

For more information about scholarships, visit the University’s scholarships website.


Undergraduate scholarships

Scholarship name For
University of Auckland Alumni Scholarship The main purpose of the Scholarships is to assist students entering the University from school who, because of financial hardship, may not otherwise be able to undertake a university degree. The initial basis of selection will be nomination by the applicants’ school, academic ability, motivation to succeed at University and demonstrated financial hardship.
University of Auckland Jubilee Awards (School Leavers) The main purpose of the Awards is to assist school leavers who have the potential to succeed at University and for whom the financial assistance would make a significant contribution to their financial needs. The initial basis of selection will be academic ability, motivation to succeed at University and financial need. Applicants’ levels of preparedness for university study will also be assessed by considering their performance to date in subjects relevant to their intended degree.
Faculty of Science Tuākana Student Support Grants The grants aim to support Māori and Pacific Island undergraduate and postgraduate Science students, with demonstrated financial need, to further their studies. The Grants will be made to candidates who have paid the fees, or arranged to pay the fees, for full-time enrolment in their second or subsequent years of study in any undergraduate or postgraduate Science degree at the University of Auckland. Selection and the amount of the Grant will be based on: academic merit; demonstrated financial need; past participation in the Tuākana programme or a written agreement to participate in at least one Tuākana event within the current year.

Scholarships for MSc students

Scholarship name For
George Mason Scholarships in Marine Science These scholarships were established by the George Mason Trust. One of the two scholarships is for work of relevance to the Taranaki region. Open to full-time students who have completed an appropriate bachelors degree and are enrolled for and have paid or arranged to pay the fees payable in respect of any year of postgraduate study in a Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Marine Science) or Master of Science (Marine Science) at the University of Auckland.
George Mason Scholarship for Sea Sponge Research The main purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and support a masters thesis student to undertake research that will increase knowledge on the biology of a potentially valuable sea sponge which is found in the Taranaki region.
Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities) Postgraduate projects that promote excellence, have a wide franchise and encourage the development of new concepts, technology or research which will benefit New Zealand. One year only.
University of Auckland Faculty of Science Alumni Masters Scholarships Degrees of Master of Science, Master of Bioscience Enterprise or Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice. Minimum GPA of 6.50 is required over the last two years of full-time study or equivalent.
University of Auckland Masters/Honours/PGDip Scholarship Masters degree, an approved bachelors honours degree, or, in the case where no honours degree is available, an approved postgraduate diploma. New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents of New Zealand.
University of Auckland Māori and Pacific Graduate Scholarships (M/Hons/PGDip) Māori and Pacific students enrolled for an approved masters degree, an approved bachelors honours degree, or, in the case where no honours degree is available, an approved postgraduate diploma.
Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust - Masters Degree Award To assist women for a year of study for a masters degree that includes either coursework and/or a research component.

Scholarships for PhD and/or MSc students

Scholarship name For
The Dick and Mary Earle Scholarship in Technology Innovation and product development in Bioprocess technology.
Henry Kelsey Scholarship Postgraduate degree at a New Zealand university or research institution, for the purpose of studying muscular function.
LB Wood Scholarship Graduates of a New Zealand university. Up to three years, must have graduated no more than three years prior to application.
William Georgetti Scholarship Postgraduate study and research, normally in New Zealand, in a field that, in the opinion of the Scholarship Board, is important to the social, cultural or economic development of New Zealand.
AMP Scholarship Programme To support talented Kiwis by encouraging and assisting them to achieve their goals and ‘do their thing’. New Zealand citizens or permanent residents can apply. Arts, humanitarian, environmental, medical, science, business and academia.
University of Auckland Partnership Appeal Awards To assist students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed but are experiencing financial hardship in their final year of study Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand. The basis of selection will be academic achievement and financial need.
NZFGW Fellowships To award Fellowships to women graduates for postgraduate study or research. Due consideration will be given to the purpose of the NZFGW to foster international understanding and friendship, to further the value of education, and to encourage participation in public life. Personal qualifications shall therefore be taken into account. The Fellow shall undertake as far as possible to keep in touch with FGW of the country of accreditation. $500-$20,000; one year.
Harriette Jenkins Award Applicants must be a member of NZFGW of 6 months or more standing, completing a piece of research or furthering studies at a university or other tertiary institution and requiring financial help with incidental expenses such as books, equipment, child care, travel.
Eric Hall McCormick Scholarship Open to students of New Zealand Māori descent; $7500; one year
  • Must be enrolled in 2012 at the University of Auckland
  • Undertaking research which is of significant benefit to Maori
  • Must submit (in 100 words or less): I am undertaking research which will be beneficial to Māori because:...
Queen Elizabeth II Postgraduate Scholarship Open to Māori or non-Māori graduates; $5000, one year
  • Must be undertaking research beneficial to Māori
  • Must be enrolled in 2012 at a tertiary institute in New Zealand or Overseas.
  • Must provide a written reference from your supervisor(s), regarding your research.
  • Must submit (in 100 words or less): I am undertaking research which will be beneficial to Māori:...
PIPEF Postgraduate Scholarship Applicants must provide proof of NZ residency or citizenship, Pacific Island descent, and proof that they are enrolled in postgraduate studies and have paid their fees. Pacific Islands Polynesian Education Foundation promotes and encourages the better education of Polynesians and provides financial assistance for Polynesian people undertaking tertiary study here in New Zealand. $2000, one year.

Scholarships for PhD students

Scholarship name For
Stanley Wishart Low Memorial Scholarship Established by a bequest from Dorothy Low for the purposes of assisting students undertaking research in the area of Marine Science. The Scholarship will be awarded to a candidate who is intending to enrol full-time in a PhD specialising in the area of Marine Science at The University of Auckland. The basis of selection will be academic merit and the merit and relevance of the proposed research to the academic mission of The University of Auckland's Leigh Marine Laboratory.
New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships International students undertaking doctoral degrees by research in New Zealand universities
Commonwealth Scholarship Plan - New Zealand Citizens of Canada and UK
Shirtcliffe Fellowship PhD in Faculties of Arts, Science, Law, Commerce or Agriculture. 3 year term of $5000 pa
University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship For more information about the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, please see the main page.
The Claude McCarthy Fellowship Category A: To enable graduates of a New Zealand university, who are registered and enrolled for a doctoral degree at a New Zealand university, to travel overseas for short periods to present research work at conferences, and/or conduct research leading towards the New Zealand doctoral degree.
Category B: To enable graduates of a New Zealand university whose normal occupation does not allow them to follow up original ideas and undertake research, to carry out research in a New Zealand university.
Doctoral Completion Awards Open to doctoral candidates at The University of Auckland who submit their theses for examination within 48 months (or within an equivalent period if enrolled part-time) from their date of first registration, and with the endorsement/approval of their supervisor, will receive $2,000 immediately after the submission.
Waikato-Tainui Doctoral Scholarship Applicants must be registered Waikato-Tainui tribal members who are resident and studying in New Zealand. Applicants must be enrolled in either full-time or part-time study in a doctoral programme at a New Zealand tertiary institution. 1 year tenure but any applicant can obtain up to 3 awards.

Other scholarships

Scholarship name For
Summer Research Scholarships Students must have completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree and have not yet commenced a masters or doctoral programme. Have a clearly defined project and suitable supervisor willing to supervise the project. The main purpose of these Scholarships is to give university students an opportunity to experience research, and to thereby encourage them to pursue postgraduate study. $5000, ten weeks.
Duffus Lubecki Scholarship NZ$600 for 1 year. For the encouragement of experimental research in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the Medical Sciences. Normally, this Scholarship shall be awarded on the results of the thesis for the Masters degree.