Institute of Marine Science

Our people

The Institute of Marine Science brings together academic staff from seven departments and schools within The University of Auckland, as well as external partners including NIWA and Cawthron Institute. Supported by professional and academic staff the Institute of Marine Science hosts over 30 PhD and masters students from around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Chile, Germany, Iran, the United States and Canada.

Academic staff

Name Position Research Area
Professor Mark Costello Professor Biodiversisty, Global Biogeography, Conservation, Sea-lice parasites, Alien species
Dr Neill Herbert Senior Lecturer Fish Ecological Physiology and Aquaculture
Professor Andrew Jeffs Professor
Lobsters, Aquaculture, Underwater Sound, shellfish, Ecology, Crustaceans, Molluscs
Professor John Montgomery Professor Fish Sensory Neuroethology, including Electrosense, Flow Sensing and Acoustics
Dr Craig Radford Associate Professor Dection and use of Underwater Sound by marine animals
Dr Alwyn Rees Senior Lecturer Relationship between Algal Size, Morphology and Metabolism and Ecophysiological Mechanisms
Dr Nick Shears Senior Lecturer Marine Ecology and Conservation
Dr Richard Taylor Senior Lecturer Rocky Reef Ecology, Marine Reserves
Professor Simon Thrush Head of the Institute of Marine Science Seafloor Ecology, Ecosystem Process, Resilience and Ecosystem Services

Professional staff

Name Position
Peter Browne Technician
Brady Doak Senior Technician
Tim Haggitt Marine Discovery Centre Manager
Maria Mugica Laboratory Technician
Errol Murray Seawater Technician
Jimmy Rapson Electronics Technician
Jaime Rowntree Group Services Coordinator
Boyd Taylor Operations Manager
Kaiwen Yang International Student Support Advisor
Amy Weir Research Programme Coordinator

Co-appointed academic staff

Name Position Research Area
Dr Rochelle Constantine Senior Lecturer Conservation, Behavioural Ecology, Spatial Distribution, Cetaceans, Mega-fauna
Dr Brendon Dunphy Senior Lecturer Ecological Physiology of Wild and Cultured Marine Animals
Dr Tony Hickey Senior Lecturer Mitochondrial Function and Dysfunction, Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Dr Shane Lavery Senior Lecturer
Molecular Ecology and Evolution of Marine Organisms
Dr Carolyn Lundquist Senior lecturer Marine Ecology and Conservation, Connectivity, Socio-Ecological systems
Dr Darren Parsons Senior Lecturer Fish Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Marine Reserves, Fisheries
Dr Xavier Pochon Senior Lecturer Marine Industries, Metabarcoding, Biomonitoring Diversity Changes Around Operation Sites
Dr Anastasija Zaiko Senior Lecturer Aquatic Ecology and Marine Biosecurity

Research fellows

Name Position
Dr Marie Goeritz Research Fellow
Dr Jenny Hillman Research Fellow
Dr Julie Hope Research Fellow
Dr Diana LaScala-Gruenewald Research Fellow

PhD students

Name Supervisor Research Topic
Harry Allard Nick Shears  
Tri Arfianti Mark Costello  
Vanessa Arranz Martinez Shane Lavery Connectivity among NZ Marine Communities: a Multi-Species approach
Irawan Asaad Mark Costello Prioritization of Marine Biodiversity Conservation
Caitlin Blain Nick Shears Drivers of Variation in Kelp Forest Productivity
Chhaya Chaudhary Mark Costello Global Patterns of Marine Species Distribution
Clinton Duffy John Montgomery  
Riley Elliott John Montgomery  
Ashley Flood Craig Radford  
Luvia García Andrew Jeffs Energetic Needs of Migrating Spiny Lobster Post-Larvae
Olivia Hamilton Rochelle Constantine Spatial Ecology of Mega-Fauna in the Hauraki Gulf
Benn Hanns Nick Shears  
Christine Hansen Nick Shears Resilience and Recovery of Kelp Forests
Nicola Hawes Xavier Pochon Adaptive Evolution in changing Environments: can Epigenetic Variation compensate for low Genetic Diversity
Kevin Heasman Andrew Jeffs Biology and Husbandry of NZ Scampi Metanephrops challengeri
Jenny Hillman Simon Thrush The Neglected Dimension: Connectivity in Ecosystem Processes
Sahar Izadi Rochelle Constantine Foraging Behaviour of Bryde's Whales
Victoria Jollands Simon Thrush  
Moyang Li Alwyn Rees Resilience of Seagrass to Sedimentation and Eutrophication
Han-Yang Lin Mark Costello  
Bailey Lovett Neill Herbert  
Candace Loy Andrew Jeffs Multi-trophic Coculture of Native Species with Pacific Oysters
Warrick Lyon John Montgomery  
Robert Major Andrew Jeffs  
Ana Markic Melissa Bowers Plastic Pollution in the South Pacific
Tristan McArley Neill Herbert Hypoxia and Thermal Tolerance in Triplefin Fishes
Alaric McCarthy Andrew Jeffs Improving our understanding of Scampi Distribution and Ecology for a more Sustainable Harvest
Danny McDougall Andrew Jeffs  
William McKay Andrew Jeffs  
Dinusha Rasanjalee Jayathilake Mudiyanselage Mark Costello Global Mapping of Marine Biomes
Luis Nahmad-Rohen Misha Vorobyev Role of Light Polarisation in Octupus Vision and Camouflage
Suong Nguyen Andrew Jeffs Detection, Host Specificity, Distribution of Uncharacterised Apicomplexan Parasite in Perna canaliculus and Ostrea chilensis
Craig Norrie Carolyn Lundquist  
Joko Pamungkas Mark Costello  
Ohad Peleg Nick Shears  
Rosalyn Putland Craig Radford Passive Acoustic Monitoring of the Hauraki Gulf
Tabea Salewski Richard Taylor Growth, Aging, Diet and Nutrition in Girella tricuspidata
Rigoberto Sánchez-Medina Alwyn Rees Growth Rate, Composition and Ammonium Assimilation in Marine Macroalgae
Stefano Schenone Simon Thrush  
Ewa Siwicka Simon Thrush  
Rebecca Smith Andrew Jeffs  
Paul South Andrew Jeffs  
Brenton Twist Wendy Nelson  
Victoria Warren Craig Radford  
Hua Zha Andrew Jeffs Causative Agents, Preventation and Cure of Tail Fan Necrosis of Spiny Lobsters
Qianshuo Zhao Mark Costello Mapping Marine Ecosystems of the world

Honorary academics

Dr Rakhshan Roohi
Dr Kirsty Smith
Dr Karen Tricklebank