Looking for a PhD candidate for funded research on ecosystem function in coastal soft-sediment habitats

A funded PhD research project is available working on determining how ecosystem function could change associated with climate impacts in coastal marine habitats.

The research will focus on ecosystem functions that underpin critical services and seeks to develop models of how the performance of specific ecosystem functions could be affected by climate change.

Climate change is expected to strongly impact coastal and estuarine ecosystems; effects might include elevated temperature, flat desiccation, increased storm frequency, sea level rise and ocean acidification.

It is anticipated that the research will start with developing a conceptual analysis of selected ecosystem function performance curves and an analysis of how selected climate change stressors might influence functional performance. It is anticipated that field and / or laboratory studies will be designed to assess the efficacy of these models.

This project will be under the supervision of Prof Simon Thrush, Institute of Marine Science, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Work for the project may involve being based either at the University’s city campus or at Leigh Marine Laboratory.

To apply for this position potential candidates need to send a letter of application, an outline of their research proposal (1 page max) and CV to Jaime Rowntree.

Background information on the Institute of Marine Science and life at The University of Auckland can be found at: