Conservation Biology conference

03 August 2016
Marine Conservation Conference
Photo Credit: Edward Young

Big picture thinking in marine conservation to recognise and implement whole domain management and other topics were included in a workshop run by Conversation International, the Institute of Marine Science and NIWA ahead of the Society of Conservation Biology Oceania conference in Brisbane, held in July.

Around the world policy for the conservation and management of Exclusive Economic Zones rarely recognise the importance of connectivity between land-to-coast and coast-to-ocean. Recent analysis by CI and IMS student (Luca Mora) has revealed a globally low rate of integrative management linking policy across nations EEZs despite the broad scope of the law of the sea (UNCLOS) under which EEZs were created.  This opens up new opportunities for redefining the way we understand and value our oceans.  The transformation is being led by the Large Ocean States of the Pacific.  

Kevin Iro, representing the Marae Moana of the Cook Islands, summed up a shift in the polarity of thinking about ocean dominated systems “Recognise what you have, think about conservation and then how you might use it.